If you’ve always wondered… what kind of Facebook ads are my competitors running? You’re in for a treat…🍫🍬

Not that kind!

Facebook has launched it’s Ad library, which lets you spy…I mean search what ads are currently running by name, topic or organization.

Facebook Ad Library Search Rachel Quartiero















Facebook’s Ad library provides ad transparency by offering a extensive, searchable collection of all ads currently running across Facebook owned platforms, including Instagram.

The Facebook Ad library also offers more information about the ads themselves, this includes:

  • Page creation date, previous page merges, and name changes
  • Primary country location of people who manage a page
  • Advertiser spend information for ads
  • Impressions they received and much more.

My advice for you… use this golden ticket. 🎟️

If you’re struggling with writing an ad copy, or hit a creative wall with your ad image…Check out what your competitors are doing!

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